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We're delighted to now be supplying Collaborate....but what is it and how can it transform my business?

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Collaborate, a complete Unified Communications experience, as part of our hosted platform.  

Communication has always been essential to the success of any business

Today, more so than ever, your business needs to be agile to respond to customers quickly, day or night, and your employees need to be equipped to handle a constant flow of queries across multiple channels. In this new digital age we live in, faster response times can be a key differentiator, helping you stay ahead of the competition and stand out in a crowded market. 

Whether internally collaborating with other employees or dealing externally with customers, your business would benefit from a fully unified ICT environment and it really can transform how your run your business. By effectively connecting people, applications, clouds and networks, you can vastly improve how quickly and efficiently information is shared, thereby satisfying your customer’s increasing demands as well as improving employee productivity and boosting your bottom line. 

Collaborate offers services such as instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop / application sharing and document sharing. Driven through a set of end user applications for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, it enables users to access business communications and collaboration services from their favourite devices - wherever they are. 

Fully integrated with the award-winning hosted PBX service, Collaborate supports all the features and functionality of the telephony service for a true unified communications experience. 

Features and benefits 

Collaborate is suitable for any sized business looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up business decisions. 

Instant messaging 

Online chat between users, reducing email inefficiencies.


Shows personal status that helps define the best way to communicate. 

Hosted PBX features 

The full telephony feature set and service including bundled minutes. 

Video Calling 

Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication from mobile or desktop app. 

Ad-hoc and Planned Conferencing 

Quick and easy multi-party collaboration using My Room, a personal and fully managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing. 

Boost business productivity 

How Collaborate can help your business: 

Improve the workplace experience 

With the pressure on for businesses to appear always available to their customers, the technology provided to employees can make all the difference. 

Employee engagement and satisfaction are vital parts of the employee experience and will have a knock-on effect to the customer. Collaborate features are available on the mobile so users will have their business communication system available wherever they are. 

Streamline IT operations 

Collaborate provides a range of clever features, with an emphasis on control and personal administration through the portal removing the burden from your IT team. 

Administrators can quickly configure the
system according to the organisation’s changing requirements, whilst employees can manage their communication environment easily through the desktop and mobile soft client. 

Attract the next generation of candidates 

With millennials set to be the biggest generation in the workforce, providing the right technology that caters for the way they work is essential. Millennials expect technology to be fast, accessible and on-demand. 

Reduce business costs and complexity 

Through features such as Presence, Video Call and Collaboration, the need for excessive travel is reduced whilst ensuring that conversations are on topic and as efficient as possible. Employees can work flexibly through hot-desking, home working or on the move. 

Boost business agility 

By providing enhanced communication tools that permit users to find the right person and work wherever they are, businesses can improve decision- making, customer interaction and overall efficiency. 

For a personal, bespoke solution to your business commuincations, call us today on 0333 200 1528.