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I Cannot Tell a Lie But I Can Bend the Truth.

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The ongoing uncertainty regarding Brexit continues to play havoc with many forward thinking businesses. Concerns remain that routes to Europe after 29/3/19 will be more difficult to negotiate, not only in terms of transport but also in respect of trade, legislation and employment.

My favourite historian, Lucy Worsley, recently presented a documentary on American History which highlighted myths that have over many years represented the foundation stone for The Land of the Free.

The fact that the Declaration of Independence states that ‘all men are created equal’ took very many years to come to get anywhere near and arguably is still someway short of this ideal. No mention of women! Ouch!

Whilst we remain equally concerned with legislation affecting us today in the UK, we can take encouragement from George Washington who is generally regarded as a great man, good and true in American folk lore.

Unbeknown to me until the series, he actually retained 316 slaves to work his estate. Pennsylvania legislation ruled that anyone owning slaves and working them for six months continuously on their land within the State, by law, had to offer them their freedom at the end of this term.

The great man however ensured that all eligible slaves were taken on a day trip beyond the State line every 5 months and 29 days so that when they returned the six month cycle would start again.

Where does that leave his reputation? On a par with Prince Philip’s driving skills I would say.

The First President should not be lauded for his actions as he showed disregard for the laws of the day. However the message may be that there is perhaps always the ability to interpret legislation in many ways and our ongoing debates on Brexit may need to take this lesson from history.

Whatever the outcome, business should remain focussed on what can be controlled. If there are concerns for ongoing stock supplies post 29/3 then it may be a good idea to increase levels and circumvent any potential issues. South Cheshire Development Agency has funds to lend including short term costs associated with covering such a situation that might create issues for the operations of any business.  

Having said this there are some of us who remember the Millennium issues that were likely to throw the World of Business into total confusion at midnight 31/12/1999. Many IT experts boosted their pension funds over the two years preceding and of course as we all know, not a lot had happened by 00.01 on 1/1/2000 and so it remained.

If you want to play the percentages again then good luck, but if you prefer the benefit of a more prudent approach then get in touch on 01270 445407.

Jacqui Morris
Shocked and educated. Thank you.
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