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Government 'Good Work Plan'

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The Government has now published its’ ‘Good Work Plan’ in response to the Taylor Report, an independent and wide-ranging report on modern working practices which was issued in July 2017.

Many of the recommendations of that report are to be implemented but the Good Work Plan now sets out in more detail quite how they intend to alter the current landscape affecting workers, employees and their rights.

The main commitments set out in the document are: -

1.    Legislation to give all workers the right to request a more stable contract;

2.    To bring forward legislation to make access to a written statement a ‘day one’ right for both employees and workers and an expansion on the information need to go in that document;

3.    An extension of the time period from one to four weeks that is required to break a period of continuous service to make it easier for employees to access their rights;

4.    A ban on employers making deductions from staff tips;

5.    To bring forward detailed proposals on how to align the employment status frameworks for the purposes of employment rights/status and tax;

6.    Legislation to improve the clarity of the employment status tests to reflect the reality of ‘modern working relationships’;

7.    Extending state enforcement on behalf of vulnerable workers to underpayment of holiday pay;

8.    Increased state enforcement protections for agency workers where they have pay withheld or unclear deductions made by an umbrella company;

9.    Legislation to increase the maximum penalty up to £20,000 that an Employment Tribunals can impose in cases of aggravated damages.

It remains to be seen quite when we will see a practical impact of these commitments set out in the Good Work Plan published this month.

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