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Eze Talk customers to get caller display for free (and unlike all of the other providers, we're not passing this cost onto our customers!)

The regulatory authority for communications, Ofcom, recently announced that from 1st October, all telecoms companies would have to provide the caller display facility for free to their customers.

Many telecoms providers currently charge for this, a service that shows the incoming number on a digital handset.  This is a really useful tool for many, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, enabling them to screen calls for any numbers they don’t recognise.

All of the big telecoms providers including Sky, BT and Utility Warehouse have increased other bills and charges this year to cover the cost of having to provide caller display for free (as the telecoms companies still get charged for this themselves by the wholesalers).  In fact, Utility Warehouse, not so subtly increased the prices of their broadband and phone packages on 1stOctober, the exact day that caller display was to be given for free.   Their home phone (line rental) service will increase by £1.50 a month to cover the cost of the caller display.

As part of Eze Talk’s ongoing commitment to saving you money and our promise that we will never increase your bills, we are not passing any cost onto our valuable customers.  Caller display will be provided for free and no other charges or bills will go up as a result of this.

If you want to talk to us about a caller display option, or in fact about anything else, please call our friendly team on 0333 200 0801.