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Chris Blythe OBE is the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Builders

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Four years on from the CIOB Members Forum in Qatar, the Institute turned its focus onto the UK, curious to see what the industry was doing in light of the Modern Slavery Act. Construction and the Modern Slavery Act, Tackling Exploitation in the UK was published in 2018 and criticised the industry’s slow response to the Modern Slavery Act.

The report highlighted the aggressive business models that create an environment for unethical procurement and recruitment practices, and the systematic auditing failures that allow criminals to infiltrate major projects undetected.

“It’s time to get real about the challenges facing UK construction. Contrary to public perceptions, modern slavery is not confined to small illegal operators. Criminals are attracted to big business because of the greater profits that they can earn. Unscrupulous labour providers, operating in the grey area of the law, are also creating misery for thousands of British and foreign workers”.
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