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Modern slavery: Why we’re looking at corporate risk the wrong way

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Please have a look at the attached article by Emma Crates and see how many of the writers points you agree with.

I believe it articulates perfectly the reason why the Modern Slavery Act is failing to be enacted upon by business. If you don't look for it, you won't find it or it’s simply by refusing to accept you're at risk of it entering your business or supply chain.

This is an incredibly serious problem and we should do all we can to stop it!

It is very rare for a victim of slavery to volunteer the fact that they are being abused. There are many reasons for this, threats of violence against them or a loved one, debt bondage, psychological control, their life might be so bad that they may simply not even be aware that they are being enslaved. (There are more reasons and some are more upsetting).

You will only find slavery if your information collection is right and delves deeper into the workforce & supply chain than an audit or a cursory note to a supplier asking them if they employ slaves.

My experience gleamed from investigating serious crime makes the last point the writer makes particularly amusing as it relates to abstaining responsibility by sending a 10-point questionnaire through-out your supply chain asking directors if they abuse their workers. I can see the CEO in a court of law with the paper questionnaire in hand denying responsibility for the child slaves being found in their supply chain stating, "In my defence I asked the criminal if he used child slaves and he told me no. Look, he signed this piece of paper" 

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