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The major telecoms providers are increasing their bills - we won't do this!

It has been widely reported that many of the major telecoms providers are increasing their prices this year.  Here at Eze Talk, we are proud that we would never increase your bills for business or residential customers, even when you are out of contract. 

BT have announced that this coming September millions of BT customers are facing price hikes yet again, as reported by The price rises will effect TV, BT Sport and call costs for some of its residential customers on September 16th.  This is BT’s second price rise this year and an incredible fifth major price hike in less than four years. 

An overview of BT’s price changes is as follows (full details can been seen in BT’s Consumer Price Guide). 

 ·      Standard broadband prices will increase by £2.50 per month. 

 ·      Standard line rental will increase by £1 per month.

 ·      Landline call costs – calls to UK landlines (including 0870 and 0845 numbers) will increase from 13p/min to 15p/min.

 ·      Mobile call costs – calls to UK mobiles will increase from 8.5p/min to 9p/min.

 ·      1571 – will increase from £3 a month to £3.50 a month.

 ·      International calls – will increase from £50p/min for countries in Band A, 80p/min to 85p/min for Band B and £1.40/min to £1.45/min for Band C.

·      Early termination charges – if you miss the penalty free window and you’re still in contract, costs to escape will also increase by up to £8.25 for each month you have remaining, depending on your package. 

It is worth repeating ourselves to say we won’t increase the price of your call packages, never ever, not even when your contract ends.  This is something that the big name providers cannot offer.  How do we do this? As we don’t advertise, we don’t have to spend the huge amounts that other providers do on marketing, instead we put the savings back into our customers and keeping prices low.

In fact, when you look at the biggest names in this industry, most are putting up their prices this year.  In April, Sky announced their annual price rise and that broadband was increasing by just over £1 each month, with the cost of calls also going up.  TalkTalk have just issued their annual increases from July to August this year with broadband increasing by £1.50 per month, as have Virgin Media.  

Don’t forget that if you are subject to price rises, you can escape your contract from your current provider – penalty free.