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Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority

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On Thursday I had a meeting with Paul Williams, GLAA Board member, and Mark Heath, Deputy Director of Business Change at the GLAA. The purpose was to discuss how Libre Solutions could help in the fight against slavery and human trafficking.

I then listened to Mark’s presentation at Co-op Towers on the GLAA work and the latest findings in the UK on slavery and labour abuse.

My conclusion...... We all need to do more!

The presentation and content was excellent, but what strikes me is the enormity of the problem that faces us all in tackling worker exploitation and slavery.
Did you know the UK is one of the largest destinations in Europe for trafficked workers? We’re lucky the GLAA is so good at doing their job;
Arrested 107 suspects for Modern Slavery.
Identified 1335 abused workers.
Launched 181 investigations.
Recovered £94k for workers.
Identified £231k in unpaid holiday pay.
Seized £97k cash
Inspected 245 businesses
Helped, advised, informed etc us all.
Doubled its workforce to 120.

That isn’t a misprint. Only 120!?

That’s why we all need to do more. And there is lots we can do.
Learn to recognise the signs of exploitation. Arrange training for you and fellow workers. Interrogate your supply chain for vulnerable areas. Show an interest in work colleagues, if items are too cheap then ask yourself why? If the contract bid is significantly cheaper than the rest, question it.

We should not remain ignorant to this shocking abuse of humanity.

William Wilberforce
Prior to the Abolition vote in 1789 said;
“You may choose to look the other way, but you can no longer say that you did not know.”

Libre Solutions will help. Give one of their team a call or drop them an email and have a free consultation.
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