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Modern Slavery- The Hard Facts

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 40.3 million people are estimated to be trapped in some form of modern slavery in the world today

11,700 victims estimated in the UK

5,145 potential victims found in 2017 (UK)

Modern slavery is an umbrella term for all forms of slavery, trafficking and exploitation. 

At the core of this crime is deception. Survivors of modern slavery tell stories of being sold a better life. They are often vulnerable, coming from areas where there is little possibility of work. They are offered a job, a chance to make money and to build a new life for themselves. Those who offer these opportunities may even organise their travel to a different country, controlling every aspect of their trip. 

The job they are offered turns out to be a lie and instead they are forced to work in difficult and degrading conditions, with little or no pay. The threat of violence, to themselves or their families, hangs over them and traps them in their situation. Even if their trafficker does not physically control them, a mistrust of authority may stop them from going to the police.

This is the reality for at least 11,700 men, women and children in the UK. Modern slavery knows no borders, and people of all ages and races can be victims. The 5,145 potential victims referred to the National Crime Agency in 2017 came from 116 different countries, the most common of which were Albania, Vietnam and the UK.

Statistics are taken from the Global Slavery Index and the National Crime Agency (UK).

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