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Dragons Breathing Fire or a Load of Hot Air

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I am not a huge fan of Dragons’ Den mainly because the valuations put forward by investment seeking entrepreneurs, in the main, borders on the ludicrous.


Last week I was astonished to see two young men who had come up with an idea of helping children accustom themselves to a foreign language via story books, had valued their business at 3 times annual turnover, where in two years trading they had failed to register a profit or indeed any progression towards that goal.  


What was even more astonishing was that they turned down an offer of £60,000 from Peter Jones because it only valued their business at £300,000 which was in fact one year’s sales and in their eyes, too low.


Judging by the faces of the other Dragons following the entrepreneurs’ refusal of the offer I was relieved to see that my own view was shared by others far more worthy than me.


Clearly the programme is a bit of fun for these mega rich business people. They enjoy the kudos that comes with the Show and like to exude an air of superiority when questioning the budding entrepreneurs. I say that they find it a bit of fun, as the amounts involved are not substantial to them and in a different commercial world, away from the studio, there is no way they would ever pay the amounts they do for the shareholding they agree.


I have only once come across a local business that appeared on the show and in fact won an investment from a Dragon, only for this to melt away in subsequent negotiation with the ‘Dragon’s Team’.


I see many budding and existing entrepreneurs but have not yet had my initials monogrammed onto my shirt cuffs nor do I have a selection of Ocean Blue suits. Through the South Cheshire Development Agency you can get grounded advice for your Start Up or Expansion projects. 

We will not look to take a stake in your business nor drive one through your heart with cutting comments. We will however help steer you on what is hopefully the right course and whether we provide loan funds or not, you will come away with a realistic assessment of your business or indeed your plan, without the need to shift uncomfortably from right foot to left or indeed the loss of half your body weight in perspiration.


Contact me at our office within the Chamber on 01270 445407 unless of course ‘I’m Out’ .  

Richard, I recently attended a recording for a similar investment show on another channel. Wait until that one airs.
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