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Cookies and Coffee for Breakfast

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For the first time in 8 years I bought a season ticket for the Mighty Alex. I am pleased to say that I have quickly got back into the usual groove of euphoria on Saturday from a comprehensive 5-1 win only to be followed by abject misery at a woeful performance in a 1-0 defeat on Tuesday. On the one hand I realised what I had been missing and on the other realised why I had made my original decision those 8 years ago.

One thing did occur to me was that during my absence from the Theatre of Dreams (and Nightmares) was that I had not been contacted to see whether I would return.

The way we are nowadays, you have only to express a mild interest in something to be bombarded with promotional material about that and related products. My I-Phone In-Box is littered with offers from 7am covering essential stationery items, bargain priced overnight stays, breakfast cereal dispensers, 60 toilet rolls and magnetic eyelash extensions. (I must read the small print in more detail in future when I put my name to something.)

There was a time when you were woken by the sound of milk bottles clinking or the newspaper dropping onto the mat but nowadays it’s an annoying ditty confirming incoming mail.

I am beginning to feel guilty for having Viking Cruises and Dial a Flight expend such vast sums in contacting me by post on such a regular basis.

However my view is that I don’t begrudge these businesses’ attempts to gain custom from me. Its part and parcel of what they do. They have products to sell so why not tell as many people as they can, in the simplest and most accessible way they know.

Marketing is key to every successful business. If we cannot come up with an idea involving an opera singer or meerkat then mass saturation may be the answer.

Each business is individual in what they produce and what they need. You may not be able to access several million smart phone owners or have a budget of millions, but no business should lose sight of its marketing strategy. The Chamber has access to sources who can help and the South Cheshire Development Agency can provide financial support for well researched marketing plans.

I shall be undertaking a wholesale review of my own marketing just as soon as I have completed my on-line sewing essentials course, had lunch using my personal blender bottle, sprayed my 3 soft close toilet seats with one of 24 cans of WD-40 I own, made a coffee from one of 24 blends in capsule form (Haven’t bought the machine yet) and removed my eyelash extensions in case one falls into my mouth whilst sleeping on one of 4 memory foam mattresses at home.

I do love mornings, perhaps I should try waking up before reading my e-mails though.

AMX Business Solutions
Excellent blog. I am sure the South Cheshire Development Agency will help local businesses continue or get back to winning ways....just like the Mighty Alex.
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