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Is your school prepared for a snow day in July?! Hosted telephony can help!

The perception that hosted telephony (VoIP) is out of reach for schools couldn’t be further from the truth.

OK, so a snow day in July might seem a little far fetched, although with the British weather, anything is possible!  The truth is, if you work in the education sector, you know how important communication is to the life of the school and in the event of snow, or any disaster from fire to floods, communication and keeping staff and students safe is key.

An effective phone system is also vital to supporting the day to day operations of the school, so it is crucial it has certain features and functionality.  The education sector tends to looks for three features of a phone system; resilience, safety and efficiency, all delivered at a low cost.  As we have seen in the press recently, school budgets are only getting tighter!

The challenge

Teacher and student safety is paramount and therefore a communication system that protects staff and pupils is imperative, all within an increasingly tight budget.

The dreaded snow day!

We’ve all been there, you wake up to a carpet of twinkly white snow which fills every parent with horror and child with delight. On days such as this, schools need a reliable, resilient phone system, and not face a situation where they can’t communicate with parents or staff as the phone lines are down.

The solution

As hosted telephony is hosted in the cloud, a snow day or someone drilling through a phone line, will not affect your ability to communicate.  Mobile twinning means that on a snow day, a teacher stuck at home could make calls to parents from their mobile and the school number would appear. A hunt group set up would mean that parents calling the school’s number, would automatically be diverted to a teacher’s mobile and if they didn’t answer, would bounce to another number. 

Further benefits for teachers

  • Safety - page all phones in case of emergencies or other announcements. With mobility features such as mobile twinning and the soft client for PC and smart phones, turn staff into a mobile work force in case of an emergency.

  • iPhone app and call pull feature allows teachers to easily transition from a call with a parent or an administrator on their handset to their mobile device.  

  • Every extension includes a personal mailbox and voicemails can be accessed from a phone, email or mobile application, meaning teachers no longer have to rely on office administrators to pass messages on.

  • If the teachers all have laptops, instant messaging is available through the soft client in order to quickly speak to colleagues.

  • Integration with Outlook to enable teachers to dial parents or other contacts directly from their PC

  • Call recording for important calls.

For the administrator

  • Mobility – administrators often move all around the school but that should not make them difficult to contact.

  • Never miss a call - Soft phone, mobile twinning, sequential ring.

  • Auto attendant to ensure the right person is being spoken to. Custom greetings to give a warmer, more professional image.  

  • Limit disruptions during the day by blacklisting malicious callers.

  • Use the outbound conference facility to hold vital all staff calls.

  • Schools may not have a dedicated IT team, a hosted phone system removes the dark art of telecommunications.

  • Queueing – can provide an intelligent, friendly way of dealing with calls even during the busiest periods.

Hosted telephony is a low cost solution

It is more cost effective than standard lines, often up to 30% cheaper.  Plus Eze Talk offer an extra 30% discount to schools and charities meaning the cost savings really do add up.  

With no maintenance or installation costs, the cost of maintaining your current hardware will be a lot more expensive than replacing it with hosted telephony.

To talk to us about hosted telephony can help your school please call one of our specialists today on 0333 200 1528.


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