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Horse Box, Goggle Box and Ballot Box

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By the time this blog is posted we will be in the midst of a General Election Day where it falls in a week which has seen the Derby horse race take place and the final of Britain’s Got Talent. You might be wondering why I have mentioned these three events in the same sentence.

Well 104 years ago a woman called Emily Davison died having thrown herself in front of the King’s horse at the Derby making a stand for votes for women. In 1913 women were not allowed to vote.

The public apparently voted in their hundreds of thousands on BGT finals night, the vast majority of whom would be in the 18 to 24 age group.

How is it then against this background that only 43% of eligible voters in the 18 to 24 age group could be bothered to struggle into their local polling station to cast their vote in a far more serious contest than anything that Simon Cowell could throw at us.

I was fortunate enough to go to a school that took history seriously with teachers passionate about history and its impact on modern society. The significance of Gladstone’s 1867 Reform Act, the influence on modern politics of James Keir Hardie, Emmeline Pankhurst’s leadership that inspired Mrs Davison to make the ultimate sacrifice for her beliefs and more latterly Martin Luther King in the USA .

The upshot of these and m any more people’s beliefs is that as over 18 year’s old, we are allable to vote. Irrespective of what some people m ay believe of Donald Trump or Brexit, the one thing that cannot be denied is that these outcomes were delivered democratically.

This will be the case on Thursday and in recognition of all that has happened to get us where we are today, surely the message must be to get out and vote. There can be no excuse for less than half the enfranchised 18 to 24 year olds to be willing to take 10 minutes out of their day to vote. If you can vote for a dreadlocked electronically enhanced ivory tinkler then you can vote for your own futures.

I have lived in constituencies where I knew my vote was unlikely to be for the winning candidate. But for the sake of Keir Hardie, Davison and King, I sure as hell wasn’t going to deny myself the right they had given me.

Irrespective of the outcome on Thursday we should continue to see our economy grow and continue to build upon the tremendous future promised for this area over the coming years as we see our links with the rest of the country enhanced significantly. The South Cheshire Development Agency continues to lend to businesses both start-ups and those seeking growth.

Give me a call, after you have voted, of course.

Orion Engineering Ltd
Very good read!
Clair Visco
Your message of young voters is unfortunately too true. Young people typically don't see the point as any politician is not to be trusted and won't make a difference anyway.
I'm in the same position as you - I live in a ward where the outcome is pretty certain and my vote is unlikely to make any real...
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