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Plus Ca Change, Plus C’est La Meme Chose as we say in Wistaston

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2017 looks set fair to be a year of change. A radical new President in the USA, a UK Government engulfed in game changing Brexit negotiations, a new pound coin and Crewe Town Centre revamp begins.

Well three out of four ain’t bad.

Many of us remember the false dawn brought about with the Modus plan for Crewe Town Centre from 10 years ago, although there is every reason to be optimistic now, given we can tag ourselves onto the HS2 investment locally.

With regard to the US Presidency, you may also be interested to learn that in his first 10 weeks of office Barak Obama managed to get 30 Bills passed by Congress. 10 weeks into the Trump Administration and there has been precisely none.

My view is that we need not worry about all this change, on the basis that the Jazz Festival will still be held in Nantwich over Easter and the Alex will not reach the lucrative FA Cup Round 3, irrespective of where we are with Brexit, then perhaps we need not fear change but welcome it as a fresh challenge or indeed as reflecting no change at all.

So it is with the Chamber Loan Fund.

Metamorphosing like Doctor Who, but without the Daleks, Sontarans or indeed Cybermen giving me the willies, it will become South Cheshire Development Agency Limited.

The fund needed to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our new company has received approval for just that.

We remain committed to supporting businesses in South Cheshire and have funds to lend. We regularly work in conjunction with Banks, Accountants and other professionals locally in helping businesses obtain finance.

If you run your own business, are thinking of starting one up or know someone who does or is. If you want to chat through your business idea or simply need a hug in these turbulent times (apparently). Then give us a call and we will try to help you secure a clear view of the foreseeable future (unlike Doctor Who, who is even unsure of the past) and provide you with the impetus to change your future and unlike Donald Trump your bite may just end up being more than your bark.

Just do it !


Keith Cutler
An excellent summary of what the future holds for us all (including commentary on the Daleks from Dr Who, which I believe also metamorphosed in a workshop in Crewe)
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