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Love it or hate it, it seems we can’t do without it.

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Whilst meandering through Tesco at the weekend I couldn’t help but feel there was a degree of triumphalism among certain shoppers as they returned from the far corner of the superstore, reunited with an old friend they believed lost forever,

I do of course refer to the full and sufficient restoration to the Tesco shelves of Marmite.

Being housed at the back of the store, most people did by then have a full trolley but I did get the impression that the positioning of the tubby little jar was in many cases staged in a state of prominence at the highest point in the trolley admirably supported by a supine packet of Cocoa Pops and resting on the ceremonial cushions of currant and raisin packets – a kind of loud and proud thing.

You almost felt that you were looking at one of our Olympic heroes being feted this week in London and Manchester. I suppose Marmite lovers feel that this is the least they should do to celebrate the restoration of their unique infatuation.

Whether it was all a brilliant marketing campaign by Unilever or Tesco or both, the end result will have undoubtedly meant increased sales of Marmite.

For any businesses that wish to advise their end users that they need to increase prices by a minimum of 10% due to currency fluctuations my message here is – good luck with that.  For anybody else who wishes to increase production due to their product proving popular simply because it is good and if you need additional working capital or cap ex to achieve this, then come talk to us at the Chamber Loan Fund. 

You are a brave company indeed if you can produce something that polarises the nation as much as Marmite, so a little diversity would be advisable.

I do not count myself amongst that happy breed of Tesco shoppers as Marmite is something that would only be found in my kitchen at the back of the top shelf behind the Camp coffee essence and the jar of pickled gherkins, all three of which would have a sell by date that is closer to the London Olympics than even the recent event in Rio.

How the (Mar)mighty are fallen.


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