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Orion Engineering Ltd
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Orion Engineering Ltd · Consultants (Design) · Based in Nantwich
Company Profile
Orion Engineering Ltd was founded in January 1997 by Paul Gater.

Utilising his experience in engineering and business, the company has been able to provide design and development engineering services to a wide range of clients in various industries.

Flexibility in providing solutions for clients is key to Orion Engineering, ensuring that the service each client receives is bespoke.

Every client can be assured of confidentiality and discretion throughout the duration of the project.
What We Do
Take a concept from design to product.

Finding suitable test facilities.

Sourcing hard to find materials.

Assistance with Approval Authorities.

Production tooling and fixtures.

Transfer of paper drawings to 3D models and drawings.

Artwork for product flyers.

Checking drawings.

Interested? If so Contact Us! for a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.

Thank YOU for your Time!!!!!
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Orion Engineering Ltd
Just received a tax scam call. Be aware everyone, obviously doing the rounds again!
Madeleine Abbey
Thank you important to know these are going around again
Orion Engineering Ltd
Orion Engineering Ltd
Would like to see more detail.
Orion Engineering Ltd
Orion Engineering Ltd
I am in the 'fortunate' position in this crisis in that I work from home, so if you require mechanical design, 2D Draughting, 3D Models contact me.
Orion Engineering Ltd
Never heard small businesses mentioned so many times in this budget. Must be a record!
Orion Engineering Ltd
Orion Engineering Ltd
I suggest Crewe town centre has moved! Where has the footfall gone? Grand junction Retail Park where all the big name stores now reside. Why? FREE PARKING! Until the council grasp hold of this fact...
Orion Engineering Ltd
New website is up and running! I also have an Instagram account for photographs of steam engines, Norway, Lovell Telescope,flying and of course polo, which has a link on the website. Also have a lon...
Orion Engineering Ltd
A short video of the polo action can be found here :-
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