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North West Cancer Research
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North West Cancer Research · Charities · Based in Liverpool
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Living in the North West, we are 25% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than elsewhere in the UK.

North West Cancer Research (NWCR) has been at the forefront of world class life saving cancer research for 70 years, supporting the best cancer research and researchers across the North West. As an independent charity based in, and focussed on, the North West - we are dedicated to tackling the forms of cancer which have the greatest impact on our region.

Currently we fund more than fifty projects, including projects into leukaemia, pancreatic cancer, eye cancer, and cancer discovery (looking at how to stop cancer cell growth). The NWCR funded researchers we support are based at institutions across the North West, including our centres of excellence in Liverpool, Lancaster and Bangor universities.

NWCR ensures money stays in the North West supporting the best researchers and scientists tackling cancers prevalent in the area.

Through our funding we are able to understand the unique factors which define this region. This helps us to direct our funding and research into tackling the cancers which hit the people of the North West hardest.

Socio-economic and historical factors lead to certain forms of the disease, such as skin cancer and head and neck cancer, being particularly prevalent in the area. It is these forms of cancer that we are committed to ending.
What We Do
NWCR funds life saving cancer research across the North West and North Wales.

We target our research on the forms of cancer which have the greatest impact on the people living in this region.

Every penny we raise stays within the region, supporting the local economy and meaning we can focus our efforts for the biggest impact.
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North West Cancer Research
North West Cancer Research
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