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Inner Trust · Charities · Based in Crewe
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Inner Trust service the growing demand for support for mental health, wellbeing and resilience. This is achieved by boosting confidence and resilience and empowering people to understand and cope with life around them and helps to enable their growth.

Led by Spencer Hickson – a degree qualified counsellor, Inner Trust was formed in 2017 as a Community Interest Company to provide benefit to the community in Cheshire, particularly for children, young people and the elderly. Profits are reinvested for community purpose.

The company’s approach to counselling uses non-traditional and innovative therapies, such as music, performances, arts, photography and creative media in their services maximising on engagement and capturing the imagination. This in turn optimises the benefits and improves outcomes.

The aim is to bring instant gratification through being creative in a truly person-centred environment. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our service users by evolving the service and responding to feedback

What will be achieved by each individual will be based upon their readiness and particular requirements. The achievements obtained may be extra-curricular as well as personal. The therapeutic value will be determined by how the service-user chooses to involve themselves.
What We Do
Inner Trust engage with local organisations to identify groups of people that will benefit from their services. We work with local schools, special schools and charities and set-up sessions for children and young people who may have a mix of disabilities and learning difficulties or who are often hard to reach.

Our unique approach offers DJ Workshops, VR Experiences and Capture Crew Workshops (with 360 photography and video) to stimulate and promote inclusion. We provide a welcoming environment and ‘safe space’ much different from traditional statutory or privately provided counselling services. Through this we teach skills, promote social interaction and communication and address social isolation and loneliness by improving connections between those who participate in the project. We also improve their access to support and advice that they may not normally look to engage with.

We also work with local care homes for the elderly and those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Providing musical, and interactive sessions for residents using our unique approach with technology - an interactive table. This stimulates movement, communication and mental engagement. Interacting with people with similar experiences provides them with a sense of being part of their community and a connection to others, which is so vital for building resilience and healthy wellbeing.
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Inner Trust
Can i ask a favour, do you have a co-op rewards card? We have been continuing to deliver our counselling and creative projects since lockdown began, this has helped keep a lot of vulnerable people st...
Inner Trust
We have been continuing to deliver our counselling and creative projects since lockdown began, this has helped keep a lot of venerable people stay connected and supported each week through this diffic...
Inner Trust
Inner Trust
A family fun day in Congleton last week. The children really enjoyed it, but not as much social distancing as we would have liked.
Inner Trust
Inner Trust
Inner Trust
Inner Trust
The Cat Community Radio CIC
Great team supporting local people who need help but in a different way. Where music builds connections and an improves confidence.. Keep up the good work!
Inner Trust
Thank you guys, and the same to you. We must have a catch up and i can tell you whats going on in 2020.
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