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Contrast · Recruitment · Based in Macclesfield
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It's not just what we do, it's how we do it that makes the difference

Contrast is a provider of interim, contract, and permanent recruitment solutions across the North West.

As a trusted advisor to privately owned, public sector and blue-chip organisations our ethos is simple: We source and supply talent to ensure our clients realise their commercial objectives, and we provide individuals with expertly matched opportunities to enable them to develop and progress.

We work in a service industry, so it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that makes a difference. It can be often be labelled a cliché, but we really do believe that people are our Clients’ greatest asset.

We believe that great recruiters are specialists, and so each consultant focuses on supplying into different geographical areas, in order that they are able to make the best matches possible, and act as true consultants to our Clients.

Our consultants are trained to utilise all available methods and techniques to ensure we supply the best candidates “in the market” and not just “on the market”.

Developing and engaging with candidate communities is the future of effective sourcing. More than ever we believe our knowledge should be shared as we strive to become recognised for much more than just supplying opportunities or people.

The development of Major Accounts and the creation of skill communities is central to our long term goals. We’ve introduced a range of new services to help our customers make the right hire, first time, including psychometric testing and video screening.

We possess detailed and up to date local knowledge, with the capability of an organisation 4 times our size. We have provided recruitment solutions to over 65 Companies in the last two years.
What We Do
Why use a recruitment business?


In business, time is money, and using a Contrast is a time saver. We will save you time because we take care of the beginning steps of the hiring process. If you post a job opening on traditional job boards, there is a strong chance you will receive hundreds of resumes and applications for any single position. Out of the hundreds of applicants, a significant amount will not be qualified or will simply not be right for the job. Finding the right applicants to interview will take a great amount of time and effort.


In addition to sorting through submitted applications, Contrast also has access to the best talent available. This includes access to talent that is currently employed elsewhere. These qualified individuals work discreetly with Contrast when they are looking for a new challenge and opportunity. We have our own database of qualified applicants that we can pull directly from as well as access to multiple Job boards, links with the college, Chambers and a Global Business Network.


It is often assumed that bringing recruitment in-house will result in a saving of cost to the business. Cost needs to proportioned to advertising your vacancy, which can prove expensive if posting single one-off jobs. Contrast has allocations on all the top job boards, so you can ensure that your job is advertised in all the correct places. Administrative costs also need to be taken in consideration of facilitating the process, sifting through the CVs, initial conversations, these all take time, and time is money. Contrast is also there to help negotiate the best salary, giving you guidance and advice on what is fair and appropriate, but also what you might need to do to guarantee that top candidate that everyone else is after too.


The screening process when hiring has several layers. We run background checks on potential employees, follow up with references, and conduct preliminary interviews to make sure the candidate matches the promises they make on their resumes. Again, these are vital steps that just take up time when you are conducting them on your own. Contrast will see to it that these steps are taken care of before you meet anyone for your own interviews. You will feel assured that anyone you meet has already passed these tests.


Contrast has a proven track record of finding the right employees for the job. When you meet with the narrowed down choices, you can feel more confident with your final hiring decision. Working with Contrast will help you make a more assured decision.


Once you have developed a relationship with Contrast, your future requirements will go even more smoothly. We are aware of the qualities that it takes to make the right fit within your company and what you expect from them. The next time you have an available position, you can fill it quickly and satisfactorily.
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