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Burense Ltd
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Burense Ltd · Coaching & Mentoring · Based in Middlewich
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Personal Leadership Coaching - helping you to take control of your life and business rather than letting them take control of you.
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As a business owner, managing director or senior manager:

- Are you lacking that clear, dynamic, authentic leadership style you see in people you admire and look up to?

- Do you struggle to find that clarity of purpose and direction needed to take your business or department forward?

- Do you wish that you could improve your inspiration and guidance of others through improved communication skills?

- Are you finding it difficult to step up to the leadership and management expectations required for your new promotion?

- Do you want to be a better manager and leader for your team?

- Do you want someone outside the business to talk through your thoughts and ideas; someone who can support and encourage you as you move forward?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you’re not alone as many people in your position feel exactly the same. Coaching can help you overcome all of these and help you and your business prosper.
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