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Blackfriars Group · Insurance Companies/Brokers/Adjusters (all types) · Based in Sandbach
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Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd has been based in Sandbach for over 35 years. As a company we now have offices in Manchester and Gibraltar and a presence in London and Dublin although the main hub of our business is still based in Sandbach.
What We Do
We are an independent Chartered Insurance Broker involved in the arrangement of business and personal insurance providing a complete general insurance solution to clients across the region.
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Blackfriars Group
As many employees face and extended period working from home and others have now made a permanent switch we look at 10 tips to increase productivity for remote workers at home.
Blackfriars Group
The October commercial insurance newsletter looks into the importance of ergonomics for home based workers and manual handling risks in the workplace and tips for safe lifting.
Blackfriars Group
Ensuring a safe system of work for employees working from home is essential for employers, our ergonomic checklist for home based workers can help businesses and organisations manage these risks.
Blackfriars Group
Social Engineering claims continue to rise and the exposure for business and organisations is no doubt increased significantly by the increasing numbers of people working from home.
Blackfriars Group
Effective risk management can help businesses and organisations reduce their exposure to Employment Practices Liability claims and our loss control questionnaire can help you identify and mitigate the...
Blackfriars Group
Our infographic illustrates the steps needed by employers to ensure a safe system of work for remote employees regarding the need to ensure that the ergonomics of home working are considered and manag...
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Blackfriars Group
Identifying and developing leaders within your business or organisation is a vital tool for future proofing your business and ensuring that staff can develop to their full potential. Our free toolkit ...
Blackfriars Group
We look at the most common forms of social engineering scams that are faced by business via our latest infographic that highlights the challenges and dangers of the more common scams.
Blackfriars Group
Maintaining an effective risk mama genet strategy is essential to business and undertaking risk assessments a core activity in achieving this, our checklist provides a useful aid in helping you achiev...
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