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Blackfriars Group · Insurance Companies/Brokers/Adjusters (all types) · Based in Sandbach
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Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd has been based in Sandbach for over 35 years. As a company we now have offices in Manchester and Gibraltar and a presence in London and Dublin although the main hub of our business is still based in Sandbach.
What We Do
We are an independent Chartered Insurance Broker involved in the arrangement of business and personal insurance providing a complete general insurance solution to clients across the region.
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Blackfriars Group
As specialist liability insurance brokers we look at how legal liability arises in the United Kingdom and the impact this has on organisations, businesses and the individual.
Blackfriars Group
We look at the requirements for first aiders in businesses in the UK and whether the activities of people providing first aid are covered under the business insurance policy.
Blackfriars Group
A hold harmless agreement in a contact will have a significant effect on both your insurance needs and the premiums that you pay for cover. We explore these agreements and their effects.
Blackfriars Group
Download our range of poster templates designed to provide shop owners with visible reminders for customers and staff of the need to wear face coverings in UK shops.
Blackfriars Group
Our brief video provides an overview of the UK Government's announcement that face coverings will be required in UK shops from the 24 July 2020.
Blackfriars Group
There is considerable confusion about whether insurance policies cover "acts of God" and the conventional wisdom on this is generally fundamentally flawed. We look into Acts of God and insurance.
Blackfriars Group
Preventing counterfeit components in the supply chain is essential for manufacturers to preserve their product integrity and reputation. We look at steps to identify and mitigate these risks.
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Blackfriars Group
Collateral Warranties play a big part in an increasing number fo contracts and we look at what collateral warranties are and the insurance protection that may be available in respect of them.
Blackfriars Group
We take a look at the responsibilities of landlords and contractors under The Defective Premises Act 1972.
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