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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd · Computer Consultancy/Services · Based in Nantwich
Company Profile
Atlas is a systems integration and operations management company. We have specialised expertise in business process optimisation and IT solutions. Since our beginnings in 1993 we’ve grown each year so that we now have a large established network of long-term clients for whom we provide the full range of business consulting and systems technology services to their sites, nationally and internationally.

When you consider placing part of your business in the hands of somebody new, we appreciate there are things you need to know and to feel right about. Our open and honest ethos backed by a team of highly qualified industry and sector professionals give you the peace of mind to share our confidence in our solutions. We build solid relationships with our customers so that they feel cared for and safe.

Where our clients do not have their own in-house IT expertise, they contact us as their trusted IT adviser for guidance. We will not shy away from complexity, in fact, we love it. Where ‘standard’ out of the box solutions are not adequate, we can create innovative bespoke solutions to solve problems and satisfy clients’ requirements.

We have a team of humans. We are passionate about trying to change people’s perception of the IT industry. We prefer to meet or speak over the telephone rather than hide behind emails. Whilst we are perfectly capable of talking techno babble with the rest of them, we’d much rather speak plain English.

Our Head Office is in Nantwich and we also have offices in Leeds and Scotland too. We have a direct presence in a number of datacentres as well as running our own datacentre within the heart of the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker. We believe in giving our customers the best network connectivity we can, our core network connects to the rest of the Internet through multiple peering and transit partners at datacentres in both London and Manchester.

Feedback from a recent customer survey scored our helpdesk team 9.5 out of 10 for product knowledge and response times, and our project implementers received an average of 9 out of 10 on training feedback forms. Meanwhile our core network has had 100% uptime during 2013…. Not even 1 minute of down time.
What We Do
The first thing that we do is.... We listen. We listen to your business pains and objectives. We pride ourselves on providing solutions, not just selling products. Ultimately we help you to improve efficiency and we save you money. If we are not able to prove that you will receive a return on investment then we will not recommend it.

We have a sizeable product portfolio. This means that we do not product push. Instead we review the business requirement and that recommend the most appropriate tool for the job.

**Software Applications**

- Financial Software

- Payroll, HR & Time Management

- CRM, Email Marketing & eCommerce

- Stock Control, Warehousing & Production

- Business Intelligence Dashboards, Reports & Alerts


- Hardware (Servers, PCs, laptops, printers & barcode readers etc.)

- Internet Service Provider (Broadband/FTTx/National Ethernet/Wireless Last Mile/Hosting/Co-Lo/Transit etc.)

- Server Hosting / Cloud Computing

- IT Helpdesk Support

- Back-ups & Business Continuity

- Anti-virus & Anti-SPAM

- Telephony / VOIP


- Best Practice Consultancy Advice

- User Training

- Lean Business Reviews

- Payroll bureau

- Bespoke development
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
Welcome to Nantwich neighbour. We are just down the road from you if you need a cup of sugar!
Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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Atlas Business Group of Companies Ltd
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