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The Chamber member portal is a source of news, information and other useful media, shared by the Chamber and the members.

South Cheshire Chamber News


The Chamber provides local, regional and national news of importance to its members through regular updates. The members also have the opportunity to share information or news with the business community. Apart from the e-newsletters and magazines, the Chamber members receive the news through a news feed on their profile page.


South Cheshire Chamber produces a quarterly magazine titled 4FRONT. The magazine is a showcase of South Cheshire Chamber business community covering news and events of interests. It features news from the Chamber, Patrons and Members as well as photos and features of Chamber and members events.


The Chamber e-newsletter is sent out fortnightly to Chamber members. It features updates about the Chamber and Members alongside information on the forthcoming Chamber and member events.


The Chamber website and community portal is aimed at providing a multimedia rich experience for members. The Chamber and Member events photos are uploaded on the dedicated event pages. The news updates are also updated with relevant photos.


The new Chamber portal allows Members the opportunity to upload videos about their business, including presentations and information.


Chamber Members will have the opportunity to upload their podcasts. These might include information, advice and general updates.