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New website launched for Firenze Restaurant Bar

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Firenze responsive website.

Working with the established logo, we created a contemporary content managed website and carried the look and feel across all the client’s chosen channels. The result makes full use of their friendly brand whilst providing a future-proof identity in a modern, fresh and delicious solution.

Excellent photographs taken by Johnathan Clover, Cloverleaf Images:

Thanks for your kind words Stepping Stones (Weston) Ltd. We love it!
Crewe Clean Team
Yep, looks good. Not a big fan of lower case to start a sentence but that's purely subjective and what do I know, anyway! Should the events be up-to-date (or not present)?
Thanks Nadeem! Yes Johnathan Clover, Cloverleaf Images m has done an excellent job with the pics. The Google Business View adds a great feature to the site too :)
Hi Crewe Clean Team, I'm sure Firenze will be updating their events page with their latest crowd pullers very soon.
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