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Will Adopts New Child

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Will’s now hoping to adopt a child

A CREWE man hopes to realise his dream of becoming a dad after working as a Beanstalk volunteer for two years.
Will Spilsbury, who reads with children at Underwood West Primary School, has applied to adopt a child.

He said: “When it came to filling in the forms, my partner ticked all the boxes by being a teacher. However I had no experience with children and so I became involved with Beanstalk.

“It has given me outstanding experience. The adoption team are really impressed with me and we are hoping the rest of the process should now be a breeze.”
Will, a web designer, reads with children on two mornings a week – and plans to continue.

He said: “I entered into the scheme for personal reasons, but now I’m hooked.

“Hearing a child complete a page and ask to read more is incredibly rewarding. I’ve always loved books and to share this with children is a great way of giving back to the community.”

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