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LIFECYCLE NetWalks: It's like Networking, but healthier!

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How do you Network?

Let me guess. It's probably something like...

Put on work clothes, swill down some coffee, pick up handful of business cards, pick up laptop, jump in car, sit in traffic, sit in traffic, sit in traffic, arrive at stuffy hotel conference room, swill down more coffee, leave leaflets on table, pick out someone who is stood alone, shuffle over, talk about traffic, tell them what you do, listen to what they do, nibble a biscuit, repeat. 

Sound familiar? We've all done it a thousand times. 

Well if you know about LIFECYCLE, then you'll know we are all about building healthy minds and healthy bodies and about breaking out of those repeating cycles of behaviour that we so easily fall into. 

So i'd like to challenge you to think about networking a little differently. 

In fact, let's give it a different name, Let's call it NetWalking, and instead of putting on a suit and going to a hotel, let's put on some boots, and a coat, and get outside instead into the fresh air, and walk and talk. 

We are all members of South Cheshire Chamber, which means we are VERY lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful Cheshire Countryside, but are we making the most of 'the faciities'?

Absolutely not!

How many days in a month do you spend sitting in your car, with lots of other people sitting in their cars, to then get out of your car, to go and sit down again, but this time in the office - and then, how many hours do you sit there, before guess what, it's back to the car, to go and sit down again, this time at home! 

Same route + same chair + same office + same conversations = same results !!!

Now think, how many times in a month do you get outside, into the fresh air and meet up with new people, have new conversations, share new ideas. It's not many i bet, and yet, surely...

Different routes + different environments + different people + different perspectives =  different results ???

So that is why LIFECYCLE have come up with NetWalks :

To Network with different people in a different way, in a different mindset, because then you just might start to get some different results. 

So come along. By all means still bring some business cards, you can even bring your dog if you like, but please, please, please, dont bring your laptop!

This is fresh healthy, conversational networking, in a fresh healthy environment. 

Details of and tickets for the upcoming Sandbach Netwalk can be found on the link below:

SANDBACH NetWalk: Friday 1st December 9.30 - 12.00. 

Look forward to seeing you there!


Zen Occupational Health Ltd
Would love to attend your next meet up , unfortunately I cant make this one as its my first chamber meeting
That's ok there will be others and in different locations throughout Cheshire too. Enjoy your introduction to the Chamber, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
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