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New Business Network · Local Business · Based in Nantwich
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The New Business Network is a new way to network, which is designed to bring people and businesses together. It was started in July 2015 to help new businesses, those new to the area, those new to networking, and those businesses who wanted a new impetus to their business.

Sue Roberts, is the owner and director of the New Business Network, and she has over 10 years experience of formal and informal networking, building a successful network marketing company from the networks that she has created in the South Cheshire area. In an effort to bring education and businesses together, the New Business Network has its meetings at the South Cheshire College.

The meetings currently run fortnightly on Tuesdays, the first and third Tuesday of the month, and start at a more viable time of 9.45am.

In setting the network up Sue Roberts says, "I felt there was a gap in the market for networking, too many early starts and not enough to reflect the more flexible working hours, or ways of working. I also believe that those new to the area or new to business, want to meet people quickly but they also need some help to get the most out of networking.

I am passionate about bringing people, businesses and community groups together to help one another, after all it is all about building relationships."

Working with South Cheshire College, enables the New Business Network to forge the links between Businesses and Education which are vital to the future of both.
What We Do
Provide a network meeting once a fortnight on Tuesday mornings from 9.45am at South Cheshire College.

The meeting gives everyone an opportunity to present their business to the attendees, to hear in more detail from one or two people about there challenges and progress, as well as an opportunity to help each business gain an insight into their potential.

There is an opportunity to receive introductions, leads and referrals form other attendees, and gain support and guidance from each other.

The average attendence is 15 and there is no requirement for people to attend regularly, although a number do so.

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New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
New Business Network
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