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Say Balls to Cancer

Testicular cancer diagnoses have doubled over the last 30 years, so, the Volkswagen Van Centre on St Stephens Street in Birmingham, owned by Crewe based, Swansway Motor Group, partnered with the Balls to Cancer charity and hosted a mobile clinic, in a specially kitted out Volkswagen Crafter van; it was there to help catch this cancer early, when it’s highly treatable, by teaching men how to check their balls for testicular cancer.

Birmingham was the first stop on the Balls for Cancer Tour and David Smyth, director of the family owned Swansway Motor Group, commented, “As men we can be a bit silly and squeamish about all things medical, especially when it come to our bits and bobs! But we need to quite literally man-up and check our balls; not doing so could cost you your life”.

Balls to Cancer.JPG

 “VW Commercial Vehicles have partnered with Balls to Cancer to show men that they are just as important as their van. After all, they’re happy to being their van in for a service, or for repair if something doesn’t seem right, so why wouldn’t they do the same for themselves? The message here is simple, you look after your van, you get your van checked out, so why not check yourself”, added David.

 According to Balls to Cancer the UK records around 2,500 cases of testicular cancer every year – equivalent to more than six a day – yet 98 per cent of cases can be cured if caught early enough. Despite this, research shows men have their hair cut more often than they check their balls.

 While the Balls to Cancer VW Crafter clinic was at the Van Centre in Birmingham, lots of customers and staff got their balls checked, it’s on tour, but why wait when you can check your balls today.


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