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Making Tax Digital - Are You Prepared?

Making Tax Digital is going to radically change the administration of tax across the UK and represents a challenge for many businesses.

From April 2019, legislation will require businesses above the VAT threshold to set up a digital tax account and file quarterly returns online. Preparation starts now, with businesses moving online to improve efficiency, boost profitability and make the transition painless.

We are keen to offer advice and support to our clients and would like to invite you to one of our free Making Tax Digital seminars. The seminar is planned to last for 90 minutes and will give you the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter and to share thoughts and ideas with your peers in a relaxed environment.

The seminar will cover key points including:

– Timelines
– Exemptions
– Prompts and nudges
– Quarterly updates and accounts information
– End of year declarations and discovery powers
– Interest and penalties

Questions will be taken throughout the seminar.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
7-9 Macon Court, Crewe, CW1 6EA
United Kingdom
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