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Richard Weilding
The More Things Change...
Wasn’t it those well known philosophers Bon Jovi who said ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’? My Grandson advised me the other day that he had double history at school and when I as...
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Sharon Kennett
Stand up and speak: ten steps to success
I have long believed that public speaking techniques should be taught in school.  Asking children to stand up in front of their classmates, even for one or two minutes, to speak on something that exci...
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Kerry Donachie
How Can HR Support Mental Health in the Workplace?
  Even though society and the use of social media has opened the gates to mental health, there is still some stigma around these issues within the workplace.  Government figures state that 1 in 6 peop...
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The Skills & Growth Company
Apprenticeship Directory
A new way to promote your Apprenticeship opportunities Later this spring we will be publishing the second edition of our Apprenticeship Directory for Cheshire East and we would like you to be part of ...
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Libre Solutions Ltd
Book Your Place!
forced labour - child labour - debt bondage - domestic servitude - labour abuse - sexual exploitation Modern slavery is happening here and now. It's all around us. Victims are forced to work against t...
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