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LIFECYCLE Sandbach NetWalk#2 - Fri 12th 9.30 - 12.00

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 It's not too late to grab a ticket for our 2nd NetWalk tomorrow.

 We meet at Miola Coffee Lounge in Sandbach at 9.30. Come along, grab yourself a coffee and we'll head out for a walk, back for 12. The weather is looking decent too, so why not beat the traffic for a morning and come and join us for some fresh air Networking. Same rules, no laptops please, but you can bring your dog! ;-).

Here are some comments from our first walk, back in December:

"Fantastic, fresh approach to Networking. Coffee, fresh air exercise and friendly business chat"

"What an amazing idea, beautiful day, relaxed, laid back, no pressure, a perfect way to meet new people and exchange ideas. Would wholeheartedly recommend"

 Tickets available here on the attached link.

Come and join us if you can.

 Rob Mitchell-James


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