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You are probably all aware of how easy it is to raise money for worthy causes by using easyfundraising.  I am not going to propose that businesses join 'ACCREWE' - as I have done for the last few years - as that is clearly something that does not appeal.   What has occurred to me is that by using ef, we can all help to divert money back in to the local economy.  We may be too used,now, to buying something online, without even considering that the item - or a superior one - may be available in our own town.  We know, of course, what effect that has on our town centre, our economy and on the lives of the people who live here.  By using easyfundraising, we can at least reclaim some of that money and put it into the pockets of people who are providing local services.  

For those of you who have still not used easyfundraising, the two main features are 1) it is free 2) it is easy to do.

If you buy online, you can raise money.

Download the reminder

Choose your cause (make it a local one) and remember that you can change that cause whenever you want and as often as you want.


If there are any charities or community organisations who haven't registered for ef, then do so now and tell your supporters to make sure they use it when they are buying Christmas presents.

Dave McDonald