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Facebook Competitions

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A lot of small businesses think running a competition on Facebook is their answer to increasing their organic reach. However, there’s some things to know about before embarking on them often…


Competitions where you need to 'Like' or 'Share' a Facebook page to enter are not allowed under Facebook's contest rules. What's more, they haven't been since July 2015. 


These types of contests were no longer acceptable under Facebook's contest guidelines: 

- Liking a page to enter 

- Sharing a page to enter 

- "Tag yourself in a photo to enter" 

- Sharing a page on a friends Timeline to enter 

- Liking multiple pages to enter 


Things move quickly with Facebook, and social media in general, and what worked 2 years ago certainly won't work now - especially with the new algorithm changes that were announced in January 2018. 


Are we saying don't run a competition? No. 


When executed the right way, competitions are fantastic for small businesses to get their name out there, and increase awareness. 


These are a few top tips before running a competition on FB:

- Take the time to understand what Facebook considers a 'promotion' – read the guidelines

- Before you start, make sure you know the difference between the different options available e.g. Sweepstakes/Giveaways, Contests, Lotteries etc 

- Take note of what Facebook states and explicitly make it clear your contest is not associated with FB in any way. The line to use is; This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook 

- Make sure you have detailed T&C's on a landing page or note within FB, outlining any restrictions, how to win, what you win, how the winner will be drawn etc.


There's also software out there that can help make your competition compliant if you're interested in gathering email addresses etc for campaigns. You can also run a competition via your website, and then simply promote it via Facebook. 


Also to note - there's separate rules/guidelines for the other platforms!


OCJ Marketing specialise in running social media training courses for small businesses. We run bespoke, in-house workshops, or we often run group workshops within the local area. Equally, if you're a web development agency, professing to know about social media - contact us. We can help run outsourced accounts. If you're a business who is still running these types of competitions - contact us. We run workshops to help businesses combat the world of social media. As with any interaction you have with clients, your social media should promote 'meaningful engagement.'