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TBM Rail
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TBM Rail · Engineering · Based in Crewe
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TBM Rail provides a comprehensive range of products and services dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to the UK rail industry. We combine an in-depth knowledge and experience of the rail sector with a drive and commitment to supplying high-quality products and an exemplary level of service.

Our links with numerous international business partners, associations and agents allows TBM Rail to provide tailored supply chain logistics packages and a comprehensive spares service for our customers. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from the supply of individual items on an ad-hoc basis, through to the scheduled delivery of complete kits-of-parts required for various industries.
What We Do
So what does TBM actually do? We provide a range of services to Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to help improve the overall rail passenger experience.

We overhaul train toilet systems and the storage tanks, clean and repair carriage seating, install power & USB sockets, plus supply nylon-coated parts for carriages.

The workshop at Crewe (Cheshire) is centrally located to serve the rail network quickly.

TBM Rail is equipped to take toilet systems from all train types deployed by UK operators. The experienced technicians at TBM Rail provide the necessary expertise to remove and later reinstall the tanks. The toilet units are cleaned and descaled using acid-based solutions that get the pipe work looking like new.

Don’t worry, they are safe and fully compliant with the latest regulations. Crucially, the build-up of deposits is removed – and that means that blockages are less likely to occur. Seals, gaskets and tank insulation is assessed and replaced where appropriate. The tanks and pipes are then pressure tested before being returned for refit – and TBM Rail operates the complete overhaul service on a seven-day turnaround.

For those more immediate requirements, TBM Rail also has a mobile unit that can be taken direct to customers at rail depots around the country. The powerful RWR cleaners can be used regularly to clear blockages and keep on top of lime-scale and any build-up of gases.

For seats, we offer a deep-clean service that gets rid of dirt, grime and germs. We dry-clean seat covers rather than blow-cleaning them on seat frames. We also check essential fire-proof barriers when we take seat mechanisms apart.

Other products and services, like handy power/USB sockets and long-lasting nylon coated products for carriages, ensure that the overall passenger experience is improved. This helps TOCs to score higher on the influential NRPS reports (National Rail Passenger Survey).

TBM Rail offers solutions for rail, bus, coach and tram operators.
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TBM Rail
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