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PA Today UK · Business Support Services · Based in Crewe
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My name is Pam Allen and I'm owner and founder of PA Today, a virtual business management and office administration service working in and around Cheshire.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the problems facing SMEs in today's competitive market. Most businesses need some extra help, either regularly at the end of each month when it's time to send out invoices or chase late payments, or when there are occasional time-consuming jobs to do such as updating systems. Employing full time support staff is expensive, and many business owners find themselves working evenings and weekends to 'clear the backlog' instead - time which could be much better spent elsewhere.

The alternative is using PA Today, who'll charge by the day or half day for the time we spend with you. Over time, you'll still get all the benefits of someone who knows your business, but you won't be responsible for holiday pay, sickness pay, PAYE, NI or pension contributions. We'll invoice you at the end of the project or month, and you'll only pay for the time we've spent with you. We work with a number of experienced associates, and each member of our team has excellent office skills as well as their own areas of expertise, so you can be sure we'll match you with the best person for your project.

We carry out every allocated office task, quickly and efficiently, including collating expenses, completing transcription work, raising invoices, chasing debt, website management and social media.

To discuss your business requirements, call PA Today on 07938 549876.
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PA Today UK
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