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Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
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Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus · Education · Based in Crewe
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Manchester Metropolitan University “The University for World-Class Professionals” was awarded university status in 1992 and is part of the largest higher education campus in the UK and one of the most extensive education centres in Europe. With a history dating back 150 years, we have a combination of the traditional and the contemporary that sets MMU apart and gives us our distinct character.

The Cheshire faculty (MMU Cheshire)is based in Crewe and is able to draw on the resources and expertise of the other MMU faculties. These are:

• MMU Business School

• Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care

• Faculty of Humanities, Law and Social Science

• Faculty of Art and Design

• Hollings Faculty

• Institute of Education

• Faculty of Science and Engineering

We are the UK’s 3rd most popular University, receiving over 48,000 applications per year.

We offer:

• Over 1,000 courses and qualifications, many with a strong professional bias.

• The highest concentration of postgraduate taught courses in the North West.

• Links with over 70 professional bodies and associations recognising both the quality and practical focus of our course provision.

• An extensive portfolio of training and professional development courses, including tailored courses to meet specific business needs.

The Department of Business and Management at MMU Cheshire offers the full range of functional and analytical skills necessary to pursue a career in business. Meeting the challenges of global change, the demands of a competitive economy and being at the forefront of innovation requires high quality education, with a stress on both academic and practical skills. The Department has undertaken significant previous work with the public facing organisations. In response to demand from the Police, NHS and other public facing organisations a new Masters Degree was developed the MSc in Strategic Leadership and Change. Other initiatives within the Department include the MIZBIZ network, this started at an ESF funded project for women entrepreneurs and is now operating as an ongoing support network with over 400 women members.

The Department of Management and Business, operates in conjunction with the MMU’s Business School MMUBS, which operates specific divisions dedicated to Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour (which includes leadership) and Strategy and Enterprise two of the five Divisions which make up MMUBS.

Manchester Metropolitan University values and ways of working


Our values are:

• to respect the rights of individuals.

• to promote responsible, ethical and professional behaviour.

• to promote diversity.

• to achieve institutional goals through teamwork and flexible working

• to invest in staff development.

• to promote and reward outstanding performance.

• to encourage creativity and enterprise.

• to develop and disseminate new knowledge.

• to promote global citizenship in our staff and students.
What We Do
Business Support Activities

MMU Cheshire has a number of ways partners can work with us, from student projects through to large funded initiatives. We call this way of working “Knowledge Exchange” as both the organisation and the university benefit from the relationship.

Below are the a range of knowledge exchange activities that may be of interest

Masters Dissertations;

Current Masters Level student, undertaking final dissertations, conduct research in the workplace on issues that are affecting the company. This is free to the company and helps students to tackle real world problems within their degree.

Undergraduate projects:

Small pieces if work linked to undergraduate project work.

Student work projects

Job Shop, use a student to work on a paid project for up to 16 hours per week for up to 1 year, employed by MMU through a negotiated project.

Activities and experiences in the arts and outdoors

A wide range of arts and outdoors activities, delivered by students and staff to en-hance employee satisfaction, help build teams, generate creativity and bring some-thing different to the workplace

Supervised consultancy or research projects

Current academic or technical staff undertakes an oversight role using paid students in the delivery of actions and consultancy, as defined by the company. This acts as a highly cost effective way of accessing academic consultants and delivers outcomes.


Use of an Academic staff member to undertake consultancy, here the academic under-takes work for the company on a specific matter. This is a flexible model and varies ac-cording to need.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership KTP

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are a long standing, proven government funded scheme that assists companies to innovate products and processes. KTP involves a high quality graduate (referred to as the KTP Associate) working in your company on projects that are central to your needs, 60% total costs funded.

Commercial Knowledge Exchange Studentship

This combines actions in the workplace with a Masters Degree by Research. The student is recruited to undertake action research in the company in-sync with their studies and the development of research for their degree.. The student is supported by an academic consultant, ensuring that the work is professional and utilises the latest academic think-

Analytical services

The university can undertake analysis in a range of areas for example the design and evaluation of clinical/drug trials, Experimental / prototype design and development , Laboratory-based testing and analysis and Proof-of-principle in testing of new / emerg-

Short Courses

A wide range of accredited and unaccredited training and courses, training and ac-creditations can also be developed specifically for company needs.

Accreditation of company training

If a company undertakes internal training, MMU may be able to accredit this training with a formal qualification or university credits.


MMU has a range of conference facilities available to the organisations for conferences and events

Facilities and equipment hire

The faculty has a wide range of specialist equipment and technical staff available for testing services.

Contract CPD

Refers to formal tendering by a company or organisation for an education supplier, MMU can develop and deliver these services to a high quality.
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Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
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Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
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Manchester Met. University - Cheshire campus
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