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Driving Down Risk ltd
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Driving Down Risk ltd · Consultants (Business/Management) · Based in Crewe
Company Profile
Driving Down Risk Ltd is a complete road risk management and compliance company specalising in the reduction of driving risk and the management of businesses who operate a commercial fleet of vehicles, whether cars, vans or trucks.

We begin at the top with company Directors to ensure they are compliant with their management of road risk and to ensure they are putting proper risk reduction systems in place.

We assist you to put in place a 5 point plan such as:

* Driver licence checking

* Safe driver policy handbooks

* Driver risk profiling (For existing drivers and as a tool for recruitment) and E-learning

* Traditional training either in-class or in-vehicle

* Telematics/dash cams

You need to be sure that your company will never be put in the position of having the Health & Safety executive knocking on your door following the actions of one or more of your drivers.

If you work with us and follow our advice we will guarantee that you will never be prosecuted for such offences and you will also have staff with better morale who will look after your vehicles and know that you care about their welfare.

Your organisation and your drivers will benefit from our assistance and specialist mentoring to ensure safety and fuel economy are both improved and this also brings about associated benefits in reduction of wear and tear on your vehicles and improvement of your company image to the general public.
What We Do
As well as the 5 point plan above we also offer the following services:

* Driver CPC training for the haulage sector

* Advice and counselling for drivers who have been involved in traffic incident trauma

* Advice and guidance for drivers charged with traffic violations prior to court appearances

* Guidance on mature driving and the changes occurring to us as we age

* Safe driving talks FREE to local organisations and groups

See our website for more information or call Steve or Sue on 01270 759307 for more details

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Driving Down Risk ltd
Driving Down Risk ltd
Thanks to the Chamber and Assurant for organising and hosting a great networking Final Friday today. Looking forward to the next one.
Jacqui Morris
Another informative and enjoyable event.
Driving Down Risk ltd
Driving Down Risk ltd
Driving Down Risk ltd
Clair Visco
If any of your customers that are based in Crewe are interested in wider transport issues, don't have enough car parking spaces or want to encourage employees to try alternatives to the car, then please contact me.
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Driving Down Risk ltd
Driving Down Risk ltd
Driving Down Risk ltd
Phoenix Risk Solutions Ltd is proud to be a member if the SCCCI and to belong to this group and offers any company an introductory discount of 10% on any of our goods and services.
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