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Blackfriars Group · Insurance Companies/Brokers/Adjusters (all types) · Based in Sandbach
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Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd has been based in Sandbach for over 35 years. As a company we now have offices in Manchester and Gibraltar and a presence in London and Dublin although the main hub of our business is still based in Sandbach.
What We Do
We are an independent Chartered Insurance Broker involved in the arrangement of business and personal insurance providing a complete general insurance solution to clients across the region.
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Blackfriars Group is online.
We are delighted to introduce our new car insurance products for newly qualified drivers. The telematics black box insurance can save clients a significant amount on their insurance premiums when they...
Blackfriars Group is online.
Blackfriars Group is online.
There is much talk about the need for a Green Card for UK motorists to drive in the EU and for EU motorists to drive in the UK following a "no deal" Brexit. As it stands this is the case but this may ...
Blackfriars Group is online.
Good news for pensioners, cold calling regarding pensions is now illegal in the UK and anyone breaching the law may be hit with a very heavy fine!
Blackfriars Group is online.
The latest HSE Overview of Health and Safety Statistics shows an increase in the number of fatalities at work in the UK. See our infographic for more information.
Blackfriars Group is online.
This month’s issue includes Brexit Uncertainty and the value of Trade Credit Insurance, Modern Slavery and the Supply Chain and Preparing Your Business for #MeToo in 2019.
Blackfriars Group is online.
This is a big step forward in helping businesses cope with what may well turn out to be an increasing problem in the future.
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Blackfriars Group is online.
Sign up for the new DVSA MOT reminder test that sends text or email messages to you when your MOT is due for renewal. Currently approximately 28% of vehicles on the road that should have a certificate...
Blackfriars Group is online.
The government is looking to introduce new laws to remove letting agents fees and provide better value for customers in the let property market.
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