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Harrison Insight · Market Research · Based in Cheshire
Company Profile
Harrison Insight is a boutique full service quantitative research agency set up by Liz Harrison to work in partnership with clients to create pragmatic consumer research solutions.

Liz’s passion is to use consumer research to deliver insight and clear recommendations which influence business decisions and drive commercial success. With experience of working for Aldi and the Co-operative Group, Liz has seen first-hand that putting the customer voice at the heart of decision making not only tells you what to do, but how to do it to maximise impact.

Sometimes thought of as a luxury, Liz is determined to provide smaller businesses with pragmatic research solutions to provide tangible value and accelerate business growth.
What We Do
Projects can be large or small scale as they are scaled appropriately to answer your business requirements and tailored to your budget.

Insight delivery: using research techniques to understand what makes your customers tick and drive your business forward. Examples include:

-Customer satisfaction with outputs related to driving loyalty, upsell and cross-sell

-Usage and attitudes to understand drivers and barriers for both customers and potential customers

Brand strategy: working with you to develop a pragmatic strategy to get your business where you want it to be
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Harrison Insight
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Harrison Insight
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