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Business Development Training Workshop

About this Event 

Business Development Training Workshop that provides easy to understand hints and tips for engaging with new business clients, in a variety of ways. 

I believe that everyone who has Sales responsibilities should have the confidence and tools to engage with target clients in a variety of ways. 

I enable confidence around this by providing easy to understand hints and tips that can be used immediately.

I have seen during my career that individuals are often unarmed and under-confident when it comes to engaging with clients.  Even those with more confidence might seem ‘busy’ but are they being truly effective? 

Topics Covered Include:

- Client Calling (Cold/Warm)

- Questioning Techniques

- Objection Handling

- Verbal Communication

- Listening Skills

- Buying Signals & Closing

- Tonality & Language

- New Business Emails

- Market Differentiators

- LinkedIn Business Development

- Account Development

- New Client Meetings

- Relationship Building

- Networking

Delegates will come away more confident, armed with numerous tools they can use straight away. 

With the commercial output being improved Sales Performance and Increased Revenues! 

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Ticket price includes - teas, coffees & lunch on the day


Wednesday, June 12, 2019 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Hospital Street
United Kingdom
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