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Our 81st Red Nose Pick


Our 81st litter pick will take place on Saturday 30th March.  We will meet at 10am at the car park in the cemetery by the gates on Badger Avenue.  The idea is to split up and tackle the surrounding areas.  We'll meet up again at 11:30 for refreshments at The Nag's Head - thank you Bev for your kind offer.

As always, all equipment will be provided.  Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.  There is a green area on the corner of Badger Avenue and Broad Street that offers a safe place for children to help.  

Since 2013, we have always raised money for Comic Relief (over £1200).  Due to holidays, etc., we are unable to hold a litter pick closer to RND on 15th March.  Please use our justgiving page if you want a simple way to donate to Comic Relief - it will give us all an added incentive on the day.

If you are coming along to help, then put on your best noses, etc. for the group photo.

For more info on this event or how you can become a member of Crewe Clean Team, please email

Thank you,


Saturday, March 30, 2019 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Crewe Cemetery
Badger Avenue
United Kingdom
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