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The Marketing Board - Networking - Marketing Skills Development

Are you an owner/manager of an SME who wants to develop of a marketing strategy and plan for your business?

Why not join The Marketing Board? Our main objective is to help you grow and develop your business by guiding and assisting you in identifying solutions to your marketing challenges and issues.



As a member of the Marketing Board, you will participate with other business owners in a friendly, confidential and structured board setting. Each member acts as:

- an advisor contributing their viewpoints, advice and information from their own knowledge, experience and expertise.  

- an impartial sounding board and confidante to test your ideas and suggestions

- someone who will challenge your assumptions and encourage alternative thinking through the provision of constructive feedback

- a motivator helping you to achieve your goals and boost your morale through encouragement

Participation in the Marketing Board will create a sense of accountability which can be lacking when you are working on your own – as procrastination can sometimes set in.  

The Marketing Board also acts as a networking forum as participants get to know you and your business and can be instrumental in facilitating referrals related to potential business opportunities and arrangement of introductions that may be helpful.

The Board is facilitated by me, Dr Colleen Bass, a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of CIM. I offer a post-meeting 30-minute 1-2-1 coaching session to directly assist in improving your individual marketing skills and expertise that will help your business performance.

The Format of the Monthly Meeting

Each Marketing Board meeting attracts 10-12 members and is structured in the following way:

  1. Introductions – explanation of where you are now and where you want to be.
  2. A short presentation on one aspect of marketing strategy and planning that will provide a foundation for developing an integrated marketing strategy and plan. Starting with customer/buyer profiles.
  3. Each member shares a marketing issue or challenge that they would like to discuss and gain an individual perspective from other members.
  4. Members ask questions to clarify the situation and offer advice on how they would manage the issue or challenge.
  5. This results in a list of goals and a timeline for achievement.
  6. The achievement of these goals will be followed up at subsequent Marketing Board meetings with provision for further support and advice if necessary.
  7. Agenda for the next meeting is set.

 Monthly fee £30 (including tea/coffee and biscuits). No annual fee.     


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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 9:00 am - 11:30 am
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce - Nantwich Office
2nd Floor, Nantwich Court, Hospital Street
United Kingdom
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