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Social Media Marketing Workshops for SMEs


- Third Wednesday of September, October, and November

- 9:30 Arrival

- 11:45 Finish


Unieed Creative Content is running a three part social media marketing workshop programme for SMEs in the Cheshire & Staffordshire area. The workshops take place on the third Wednesday of September, October, and November and are held at the South Cheshire College. We are allowing people to attend either one of all of the workshops.


Overview of The Workshops:
The purpose of the workshops is to provide small and medium size businesses with an overview and understanding of the power of Social Media Marketing. Each workshop has a specific topic to provide the resource and knowledge to unlock the power of social media for your business. The topics are:


  • Workshop One: The True Value of Social Media (20th September)

  • Workshop Two: The Art of LinkedIn (18th October)

  • Workshop Three: Why Facebook Works (15th November)



Workshop One: (20th September) The True Value of Social Media

You will learn:

  • How, & why social media marketing works

  • What platforms work for your business

  • Where you should focus your time

  • How to communicate your value proposition

  • How to influence your audience

  • What is a targeting Strategy

  • How to create a targeting Strategy

  • How to reach potential clients

  • How to measure the effectiveness


Workshop Two (18th October): The Art of LinkedIn

You will learn:

  • What is LinkedIn

  • How you use it for a business

  • How to build a brand through LinkedIn Marketing

  • How to develop a strategy for LinkedIn

  • Creating engagement on LinkedIn

  • What content should you use on LinkedIn

  • How does LinkedIn’s paid advertisement platform work



Workshop three (15th November): Why Facebook Works?


You will learn:

  • How and Why Facebook works for any business

  • How to use it for your business

  • Creating customer profiles & developing a targeting strategy

  • Why targeting is the key to Facebook success

  • The advertisement opportunities Facebook offers

  • How to create effect advert of Facebook

  • The importance of content and its purpose.


Find out more about Unieed Ltd:



Attending the event:

The event is held at the South Cheshire College in room L101. Parking is available on site.


Please contact for more information or if you have any questions.





Wednesday, September 20, 2017 9:30 am - 10:30 am
South Cheshire College
United Kingdom
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