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Tag: Property

Antony Garnett
Your Opportunity to help BTL Landlords and Investors
Every month we bring together like-minded property investors, landlords, contributors and service providers to discuss the local and national hot topics in the Property industry. With nearly 200 membe...
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SG Property Group
Grand Designs with Grant
  Ant & Phil of SG Property Group have invited Grant Erskine along to their next Crewe Property Meet, next Thursday, to share his experience of maximising space and adding value to property projects...
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Poole Alcock
Is your interest in your property protected in the even...
More than ever before couples are buying their first home together before marriage - with over 3.2 million cohabiting couples in the UK last year alone. Buying a house together is an exciting time a...
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Poole Alcock
Thinking of helping your children onto the property lad...
It is not uncommon for parents to gift their children part or whole of their house deposit to help them onto the property ladder. Naturally then, they will want to hold a beneficial interest in the pr...
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Alextra Accountants
Giving Away Your Home
Many people worry about inheritance tax and, for the majority of people, their home is their most valuable asset. Parents, particularly as they enter their twilight years, may consider giving their ho...
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