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Chamber Portal: How to get more connections
Connections are your business contacts and most of us will have many that we know and see regularly, however, they may not be on the Chamber Portal system...yet!  Here you can build up your local busi...
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South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
Would you be willing to support a local community group...
Does your company regularly make online purchases of office supplies, travel tickets, accommodation, computer equipment, books, chocolates, flowers, etc.? The chances are that the website you use (or ...
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PA Today Ltd
Hi I am setting up my profile.  I am a sole trader and thought I might put my logo on the company page, and my picture on the employee page. However, the system wont allow me to do this as it doesnt w...
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Richard Weilding
A Matter of Life and Death
A news item caught my eye this week that focused on a business specialising in bespoke coffins. There appears no limit to the variation of coffin that is available. The range to date has covered a rai...
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Florian Gutbrod
Being a student in a foreign country
Today is my sixth day in England. I arrived by car last Saturday, the first thing I noticed is that the weather is not as bad as the French think. The second thing I quickly discovered is the amiabili...
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