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Weston Centre Business Hub
Top tips to an (almost) Stress-Free move!
  Moving house is, undoubtedly, a very stressful time for everyone involved. After years of helping home movers, the Storage Boost Team have become experts at offering advice and guidance to help tak...
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Connect IN Cheshire Ltd (NetworkIN Cheshire)
Hi I am setting up my profile.  I am a sole trader and thought I might put my logo on the company page, and my picture on the employee page. However, the system wont allow me to do this as it doesnt w...
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Crewe Clean Team
ACCREWE – Assist Charities in Crewe
“a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund to buy the Poor some meat and drink and means of warmth.  We choose this time, because it is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundanc...
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Professional jealousy – simply perfect
Have you ever seen something that is such a simply perfect representation of a brand or idea that all you can think is: “Bum, I wish I’d thought of that”? or even: “Bum, I could have thought of that!”...
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Chamber Portal: How to get more connections
Connections are your business contacts and most of us will have many that we know and see regularly, however, they may not be on the Chamber Portal system...yet!  Here you can build up your local busi...
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Claes Gulliksen
A Dane in Crewe part 14
Since this is my last week, I will start and end this last week with a blog.  What has to happen over the next five days is to make sure that the knowledge I have gained about Twinning and other subje...
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Crewe Clean Team
Forum on Litter Control
Here at Crewe Clean Team we have spent a lot (far too much) of our three years picking up litter. Of course, the litter returns and we have visited many sites more than once and removed a similar amou...
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Concept Data Solutions Ltd
Just wanted to say hello!
As we’ve recently joined the Chamber, we thought we’d take the opportunity to say hello and introduce ourselves!  You may not have heard of us but we’re Eze Talk, a telecommunications company based in...
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Libre Solutions Ltd
Security Ministers commit to tackling slavery worldwide
Intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies within the UK is challenging, add in Europe and then further afield and things become more troublesome. There are systems in place to facilitate t...
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Richard Weilding
Horse Box, Goggle Box and Ballot Box
By the time this blog is posted we will be in the midst of a General Election Day where it falls in a week which has seen the Derby horse race take place and the final of Britain’s Got Talent. You mig...
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