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Firefly Design Services
Being Print-Aware: 1. A question of colour
Most business people these days are IT-literate to a good level, but when it comes to designing your own artwork, there are quite a few well-disguised holes that even the best DIYer – and some designe...
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Point Progress Ltd
DATA MISUSE – What can we learn from the Facebook/Cambr...
It is the biggest data news story around currently – the scandal regarding data misuse between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. What happened? Cambridge Analytica, who conduct data mining and analysi...
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Tags: GDPR
Park View Business Centre - Offices with superfast BB is online.
Dogs in the Workplace
A dog isn’t just for Christmas, it is for life…and in some cases the workplace too and that’s just what Park View Business Centre is all about! Introducing a furry friend to your office, not only adds...
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Tags: dogstrust
JG Creative Communications Ltd
N is for new media
N is for New Media New Media, or digital media as many of us know it, is the use of digital technologies to communicate with a mass audience. Digital media allows us to interact with brands and organi...
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Point Progress Ltd
B2B sales under the new GDPR regulation
There is lots of information out there about the GDPR, and its aim to regulate the processing of personal information. When we hear the term “personal information”, we automatically assume that this n...
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