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Libre Solutions Ltd
The Modern Slavery Act
  C O M P L I A N C E   W I T H T H E  M O D E R N  S L A V E R Y  A C T Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act states that companies must engage in due diligence to find risks and produce robust stat...
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JG Creative Communications Ltd
P is for Photography
GUEST BLOG BY SARAH HORTON, PHOTOGRAPHER Alongside the decisions you and your designers make photography will be one of the biggest elements in your branding. It can communicate the personality of you...
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Firefly Design Services
Being Print-Aware: 1. A question of colour
Most business people these days are IT-literate to a good level, but when it comes to designing your own artwork, there are quite a few well-disguised holes that even the best DIYer – and some designe...
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Park View Business Centre - Offices with superfast BB
Dogs in the Workplace
A dog isn’t just for Christmas, it is for life…and in some cases the workplace too and that’s just what Park View Business Centre is all about! Introducing a furry friend to your office, not only adds...
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We love this new app - IBM MaaS360®
In today’s technology driven, mobile world it is more important than ever to ensure your devices are secure and not at risk of abuse.  Eze Talk are pleased to supply IBM MaaS360®, it sounds complicate...
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