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Tebbitts & Co
Tebbitts & Co Solicitors helping young people with thei...
  We recently offered a week-long work experience opportunity to a pupil from Kings College in Chester. James’s objective was to gain more hands-on knowledge and experience within a law firm to help...
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Hibberts LLP
What The Taylor Review means for employment rights
The Taylor Review published by the government in July 2017 will have a far-reaching impact on modern employment practices and, if implemented, is likely to reform complex employment rights in the UK. ...
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Alextra Accountants
Transferring Rental Income To A Lower Tax Paying Spouse
In the UK, it is not uncommon for spouses and civil partners to have income taxed at widely divergent rates of income tax. If one of the individuals is a high earner and the other stays at home, for e...
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Richard Weilding
Bankers, Books, Brexit and Bakers
I was reading my copy of ‘The Banker’ last week and before you ask, yes, it was a typo when I applied on line for the monthly subscription. I intended to order ‘The Baker’ magazine. Anyway I was inter...
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Tags: Brexit, EU
Barringtons Chartered Accountants
Are you managing your business or immersed in it??
As you may be aware the government have rescheduled ‘Making Tax Digital’ but that shouldn’t mean a huge sigh of relief followed by inertia!!!  It does mean that you will have more time to prepare and ...
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