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Richard Weilding
Horse Box, Goggle Box and Ballot Box
By the time this blog is posted we will be in the midst of a General Election Day where it falls in a week which has seen the Derby horse race take place and the final of Britain’s Got Talent. You mig...
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South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
Inspiring the Future
What is Inspiring the Future? Inspiring the Future is a new free service which will see employees from all sectors and professions volunteering to go into state secondary schools and colleges to ta...
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OCJ Marketing
Facebook Competitions
A lot of small businesses think running a competition on Facebook is their answer to increasing their organic reach. However, there’s some things to know about before embarking on them often…   Comp...
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SG World
10 Funny Report Card Comments
SG World are currently running a marketing campaign asking schools how well they would do if they had a safeguarding report card from Ofsted, would they get “top marks” or “room for improvement”? Wh...
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Crewe Clean Team
Personal Ashtrays
 Does your company have an outside area designated for smokers?  Is the ground in that area always free from discarded cigarette ends?  If the answer to that second question is “no”, then you might li...
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